Carla Clarke

Executive Head Teacher


Dear parents and carers,


On behalf of the governors and staff, I would like to welcome you and your child to Albert Pritchard Infants and Wood Green Junior Federated schools.


At APWG we want to produce happy, thoughtful children and families.


We provide an atmosphere which enables children to acquire a wide range of knowledge, skills and practical abilities. We feel that our curriculum is exciting, rich and varied, helping to meet the needs of all children.


During their years at APWG we hope that children will enjoy the stimulating and caring environment we create and that their true potential will be reached.


We feel that at APWG we offer life long learning experiences. In our schools you will find committed and hard working staff who go the extra mile to develop the children further. We feel it is important to educate the whole child and ensure they receive a rounded education.


We have strong partnership links across the community and use those resources effectively to support our children and their families.


We hope you enjoy looking through the website and finding out more about our wonderful schools. As a result of this we look forward to a successful partnership between you, your child and us in the years to come.


Best wishes


Carla Clarke Executive Head Teacher


Executive Head Teacher Mrs. C Clarke

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Wood Green Junior School

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  • Part of our vision at Albert Pritchard Infants and Wood Green Junior Federated School
  • Is to prepare the children of the future to become valued members of society
  • Promoting British Values enables children to develop a sense of community
  • And begin to understand their responsibilities and role within it
  • This half terms value is Helpfulness
  • APWG
  • Creative Dreams Brighter Futures