Albert Pritchard Infant School


We have a large staff team that work together across the federation.


Our staff are enthusiastic, caring and motivated individuals who are determined to give our children and families the very best school experience they can have so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their creative dreams for a brighter future.


Senior Leadership


  • Mrs Clarke (Executive Headteacher)
  • Mrs Doleman (Federation Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs Thomas (KS2 Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs Benham (KS1 Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs Gilmore (KS2 Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs Atkins  (KS1 Assistant Headteacher)
  • Miss Carter (KS1 SENCO)
  • Miss Johnson (KS2 SENCO)
  • Mrs Bibi (Business Manager)


Nursery Teacher

  • Miss Carter


Reception Teachers

  • Miss Jones
  • Mrs Kemp
  • Mrs Atkins
  • Mrs Ewing


Year 1 Teachers

  • Mrs Bolton
  • Miss Wood
  • Miss Ince


Year 2 Teachers

  • Miss Thomas
  • Mrs Shabir
  • Miss Withers


Year 3 Teachers

  • Miss Willdigg
  • Miss Beastall
  • Miss Beckett


Year 4 Teachers

  • Mr Wilmot
  • Miss Reed
  • Mrs Kaul


Year 5 Teachers

  • Miss Nightingale
  • Miss Ferguson
  • Mrs Nicholls


Year Teachers

  • Mrs Bath
  • Miss Johnson
  • Mrs Gilmore
  • Mrs Walker


KS1 Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Gardner
  • Mrs Mcintosh
  • Miss Shaw
  • Mrs Snookes
  • Mrs Skidmore


KS2 Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Miss Skidmore
  • Mrs Noakes
  • Mrs Beech
  • Mrs Skidmore


KS1 Support Staff

  • Mrs Tombs
  • Mrs Hellend
  • Miss Shellis
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Horton
  • Mrs Bevan
  • Miss Owen
  • Mrs Cole
  • Mr Lawley
  • Mrs James


KS2 Support Staff

  • Mrs Knowles
  • Mrs Fleet
  • Miss Hill
  • Mrs Bradley
  • Miss Martin


Administration team

  • Mrs Chance
  • Mrs Hill
  • Mrs Bates
  • Mrs Owen
  • Mrs Haynes


Site Staff

  • Mrs Owen (Facilities Manager)
  • Mr R. Owen (Maintenance Manager)
  • Mr T. Owen (Groundsperson/Cleaner/Lunchtime Supervisor/Playworker)
  • Mr Lowe (ICT Network Manager)


Cleaning Staff

  • Miss Baker
  • Mrs Spittle
  • Mrs Foreman
  • Mrs Price
  • Mrs Taylor


Lunchtime Staff

  • Miss Bennett
  • Mrs Savage
  • Mrs Evans
  • Mrs Mistry
  • Mrs Rose
  • Mrs Phillips
  • Miss Rollason
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Mrs Gutteridge
  • Mrs Ciulea


Currently no staff take time off to carry out union duties.






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Albert Pritchard Infant School

Crew Road


West Midlands

WS10 9QG


Tel: 0121 556 0858


Enquiries - Mrs S. Bibi


SENCo/Inclusion Managers:

Miss R. Carter

Wood Green Junior School

Hobs Road


West Midlands

WS10 9BW


Tel: 0121 556 0377


Enquiries - Mrs S. Bibi


SENCo/Inclusion Managers:

Miss J. Johnson