Executive Head Teacher Mrs C. Clarke


We would like to introduce our Governing Body Members to you and give you a brief outline of their role. Some you probably see regularly in the school playground and others perhaps during parent evenings.


The Governing Body consists of volunteers who have an interest in the school and the children and families. The Instrument of Governance is made up of Parents, Local Authority Governors, Staff Governors and Community Governors who must adhere to strict Government and Local Authority Guidelines


Our Full Governing Body meets every half term. The Governors are issued with an agenda before the meeting with the items for discussion.


We also have specific committees that meet at least every half term, more frequently if necessary.


We link all our governors to a class and they follow that class throughout their school life. The children come to know the name and face of their governor and they are invited to key events throughout the year.


If you need to contact the Chair or Vice Chair of governors please do so via the school office


Albert Pritchard Infant School: 0121 556 0858

email office@albertpritchard.sandwell.sch.uk.


Wood Green Junior School: 0121 556 0377

email office@woodgreen-jun.sandwell.sch.uk.


Click here to view our governors and information.



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