Executive Head Teacher Mrs C. Clarke


At APWG we teach a Creative Curriculum that encompasses all of the National Curriculum Foundation Subjects.


Throughout the day children learn essential maths and literacy skills, other subjects are taught with links to maths and literacy where possible. More information about each topic will be provided at the start of each academic year.


Our ethos of 'Creative Dreams, Brighter Futures' runs at the heart of our Creative curriculum where we aim to present learning using a variety of creative approaches. We believe children learn best through exploration, investigation and practical application.


Like English and Maths, each Foundation subject is taught in its own discrete lesson to ensure children are clear of the knowledge and skills that make up each subject and ensure we deliver a broad and balanced ambitious curriculum. Where relevant we have made some links between the content delivered around a Topic stimulus to enable children to make links in their learning, consolidate knowledge and skills already attained and develop a greater understanding of different concepts.


Subject leaders work alongside the Creative Curriculum lead to plan a progressive sequence of lessons in their subject area as well as developing ways to raise the profile of their subject.


Teaching and learning hours per child per week are:


Albert Pritchard Infant School - 31 hours and 40 minutes

Wood Green Junior School - 32 hours and 55 minutes




Albert Pritchard Infant School

Crew Road, Wednesbury

West Midlands, WS10 9QG

Tel: 0121 556 0858


Wood Green Junior School

Hobs Road, Wednesbury

West Midlands, WS10 9BW

Tel: 0121 556 0377