Executive Head Teacher Mrs C. Clarke


Online payments makes paying for school items easier and safer as you don’t have to send cash or cheques into school. Lots of schools are now using the School Gateway to collect money by debit or credit card.


Schoolcomms offers lots of benefits for parents:


  • School letters sent direct to your email address
  • No more important letters lost on the way home or in the bottom of a school bag
  • Get quick messages (and emergency contact) sent direct to your mobile phone
  • Help the school to save money and time
  • Be up to date with the latest information
  • The school can contact you promptly if your child has not been in registration
  • Helps combat truancy and improves safety for younger students
  • You can be notified by text or email if your child is not in school without explanation
  • More than 1 contact can be linked to each child so separated parents and/or grandparents can be kept informed and share in school events
  • High security and compliant with data protection legislation
  • Pay for school trips, dinner money, after school clubs- the list is endless
  • Items can be paid for safely and securely, removing the need to send students to school with cash
  • The school can prompt you about outstanding balances

Albert Pritchard Infant School

Crew Road, Wednesbury

West Midlands, WS10 9QG

Tel: 0121 556 0858


Wood Green Junior School

Hobs Road, Wednesbury

West Midlands, WS10 9BW

Tel: 0121 556 0377